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1. Buying and Accessing Your Product

Be Good Audio uses the highly trusted company, Gumroad, to handle payment processing, give access to purchased products, and communicate with you regarding any issues with your purchase.

When you purchase our software, your order will be processed by Gumroad. They will ask for your payment information to complete the transaction and store your billing information so you can download the software at a later time. Your payment information will only be used by Gumroad to conduct the transaction and will not be shared with us. You can read about the buying process on the Gumroad website here, which also explains how to get an invoice if you represent a company and what to do if you experience issues with your purchase.

You will receive a receipt from Gumroad upon purchasing a product, which will include your license key to unlock our software and a link to download the product. You have the option to create a Gumroad user account, from which you can view details about your purchase (including your license key) and download your products, as well as future updates. However, it is not necessary to have an account. Simply keep the receipt you receive from Gumroad.


Gumroad processes all transactions in United States Dollars.
That means that although our product prize are displayed in Euro(€) Gumroad charge you the equivalent cost in USD.  Gumroad uses real-time exchange rates to convert purchases to USD for processing. We choose to list our product prize in Euro because it is more stable compared to dollars.


2. Refund Policy

In general, we do not offer refunds. All Be Good Audio products have free trials, allowing you to demo the product before making a purchase. If you experience technical issues, we offer comprehensive technical support to help you install and run our plugins.

If you believe you qualify for a refund, please email us with the following information:

  • The email address used when purchasing your product

  • The reason for the refund request, your DAW (Digital Audio Work Station), your computer and operating system you are using.

If we do not respond to your claim, you may contact Gumroad for assistance. Please allow us a couple of days to respond before contacting Gumroad. You can find more information on how Gumroad handles these situations here.

To contact us, use the email address provided in your receipt from Gumroad or use contact form on our support page.

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