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About Be Good Audio

Be Good Audio is a software company that produce audio plugins for music and sound design production.


The company name, Be Good Audio,  simply express our vision about doing our best making excellent audio software. Our vision is to create products that are hybrid in the sense that they provide users with a fast and efficient workflow, but also allow for deeper customization if needed.

Michael Kauffmann: Founder, Software Engineer and Sound Designer

I have been writing audio plugins for over five years, learning and developing small indie projects. The time has come to release my first commercial product and start this company.


Before I started creating audio plugins, I worked as a musician (keyboard, piano, composer) for over 20 years. I played various musical genres, starting with heavy metal, then moving on to funkier music, then modern jazz and fusion, classic music, and finally electronic music, which is my deep passion today.

I have also worked in the game industry as a sound designer, designing and implementing game audio. Producing electronic music and working with game audio also led me towards creating my own audio plugins and starting this company.


The products I make are also something I use myself.

I am deeply passionate about the link between music, sound design, and technology, and I want to be involved in its digital transformation.

You can read more about me here.

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