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Time Razor

Creative Versatile Multi-Effect. A Dual Delay With Additional Effects And Modulation Engine 

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Time Razor

Created with passion

Take advantage of Time Razor's unique features, such as control over re-pitching and cross-fading between delay times, the ability to set the level of the second delay when used in serial or parallel, and the option to set cutoff frequency or apply ducking to each delay separately when used in parallel. The user-friendly interface provides fast access to enhance the sonic character of your sound. Don't just take our word for it, visit the product page and hear for yourself.

Time Razor

Enhance your creativity

Whether you need to quickly add a touch of magic to your sound or dive deep into complex sound design, Time Razor provides the tools you need to elevate your sound. Make the most of your musical potential with Time Razor, designed for the modern era.

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